Shopping for Baby Clothes: 4 Things to Consider

Shopping for yourself is hard enough, lucky for you we put together a list of all the things to consider when shopping for baby clothes. Whether you’re a new mom or headed to a baby shower we’ll help you make all the right decisions when it comes to buying baby clothes.


They grow up so fast— literally, overnight it seems. That’s why planning is key when it comes to shopping for baby clothes. Be mindful of the number of outfits you buy in one size or else you’ll end up with a closet full of unworn clothes. Not to mention a lot of money down the drain. Buying baby clothes in advance is a good idea if you want to take advantage of end of season sales. If you buy ahead of time, you must take age and seasonality into consideration to ensure that your little one— or maybe your not so little one anymore— can fit into her sweater or sundress when the time comes. The general rule of thumb is to double their age until they are 1 to determine their future size. For example, if your child is 9 months old in June, buy clothes for 18–24 months in anticipation of the following Summer.


 A comfy baby is a happy baby. Don’t cheap out on fabric, it could cost you a lot of sleepless nights. Mud Pie baby clothes hits the mark when it comes to quality and affordability. Their breathable yet cozy muslin fabric is perfect for hot summer days on Anna Maria Island. What is muslin fabric, you ask? It’s a super breathable fabric that releases heat and allows fresh, cool air to come in. It’s enough to soothe even the crankiest of babies. Much like wine, muslin gets even better over time because it actually gets softer every time you wash it… How cool is that?


 No one wants a diaper change to take longer than it has to, which is why accessibility is arguably the MOST important thing to consider when shopping for baby clothes. Think about how many times a day you have to change a diaper. Now think about how frustrating it is to fumble with buttons and dress/undress just to change a stinky diaper. You can save so much time — and sanity— just by swapping buttons for zippers or snaps. If you’re thinking about buying a trendy pair of jeans with a fly and a button forget about it. Stretchy waistbands are the way to go. Angel Dear has a great selection of trendy, yet practical options to make diaper changes a breeze.


Bows, buttons, ribbons, pretty much anything that has the potential to detach from the garment could become a choking hazard. Avoid anything with drawstrings at all costs as they are a strangulation hazard however, they can be easily removed if you simply can’t pass up those cute little joggers with the matching hoodie. Babies have very sensitive skin so try to limit heavy embroidery or fancy collars with tulle during the first year as these can cause skin irritation. 

Taking even just a few of these things into consideration when shopping can make all the difference in their mood, sleep schedule, and most importantly safety. Always rethink the trendy overalls or blue jeans when you’re constantly changing diapers because, at the end of the day, practicality wins.